3 month progress report

Better start on this before 4 months happens in two days.

3 months

I put some basics on the picture, I should have added some more nicknames, but they wouldn’t fit. Like Professor Fussy Pants, sometimes Sergeant Fussy Pants, if he is being particularly fussy.

So, things have changed a lot in a month (or two since I’m so late). I’ve figured out how badly he needs naps and how hard he will resist them. Naps and schedules are critical to preventing his hysterical crying for hours on end. Although I’m dreading the 4 month sleep regression, as I’m rather enjoying the sleep I’m getting right now. He will usually sleep from around 9 until 5-7am, depending on how he feels. But I know that can change at the drop of a…binky.

Hours of screaming per day: 2-4 depending on naps. Usually fussy at night mainly.

Food: Breastmilk, Cow and gate formula top ups around 3-5 times a day, depending on his hunger.


  • Nursing
  • Baba (his binky rabbit)
  • His binky
  • Baths
  • Standing up
  • Being naked
  • The jumperoo
  • Gerry the Giraffe
  • The toy drums
  • Mouthing everything
  • His bottle
  • Loud sounds
  • Eating his hands
  • Cloth nappies
  • Being warm
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Baby TV (allowed only on special occasions)
  • His bath book (especially Shrimpy Shrimpasson)
  • Mummy singing (yes, even though I can’t sing)
  • Daddy blowing raspberries
  • Squealing
  • Nana
  • White noise
  • Trying to eat my food


  • Being hungry – even for a minute
  • Waiting for food
  • Reflux
  • Napping
  • Feeling tired
  • Daddy going to work or college
  • Getting out the bath
  • Getting his nails clipped
  • Quiet
  • Mummy eating and not giving him some
  • Being wet

Meds/Illness: Has had one cold, still has bad reflux

Benedict 12 weeks

New Milestones: 

  • Sitting unaided for around 10-20 seconds
  • Standing holding onto footstool for up to 10 minutes
  • Small giggles
  • Grasping
  • Reaching for things
  • Putting things in his mouth
  • Coos as if having a conversation with his baba
  • “talks” when angry
  • Rolling over more regularly front to back
  • Squealing in happiness
  • Squealing in annoyance
  • Loves to stare at his hands and explore
  • Brings hands together
  • Turns towards loud noises and new voices
  • Tries to crawl by pressing his feet against something hard and pushing forward
  • Holds his binky in his mouth and can put it in sometimes
  • Puts spoon and puts it in his mouth to try and feed himself
  • Sometimes imitates waving
  • Drinks from my water bottle if allowed (just for tiny sips)

Funny Quirks:

Still pushes out his lower lip when upset

Squeals at me if he wants me to do something

Tries to avoid napping by chattering away and smiling at me

Can both smile and get upset at the same time.

Will play with hands for quite a long time.

Hair sticks up

Will wake up if I crack an egg in a different room, but sleep through loud noises.

Words To Describe Him:
High needs



Long time Nosey

Ok ok, it’s been a while! I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. Benedict keeps me so busy. He’s four months old soon, and I haven’t even done my 3 month update!! Bad mummy. He is 16 weeks, this week we went out to the Victoria Extravaganza. I carried Benedict in the sling of course, and he refused to sleep of course. In fact he was just so excited to see everything that he stayed awake until after lunch, then he finally fell asleep on my chest. And not even Batala – a very loud drumming band, could wake him.

He’s adorable and learning so fast. He’s started reaching for and grasping everything and trying to put it in his mouth. He’s really doing well with grasping and loves to try to grab my tongue, teeth or lips while I talk to him. The other day, while giving him topups of breast milk on a spoon, he grabbed the spoon and tried to feed himself.


Please excuse the toilet roll on the floor, we were out of tissues and burp cloths again.

His favourite thing to do is stand. In fact he hardly does anything else, making him bend in the middle is the hard part. Bendy Ben…not lol.


I’m taking the photo with one hand and just resting my arm on him with the other for balance and he has my leg behind him just in case, but he can stand around like this for ages before getting tired. He also can hold onto things – like the footstool, and keep himself upright like that. He wants to walk before he even learns to crawl!


He is still wearing 0-3 months, but is slowly growing out of them. He weighs just over 10 pounds now. I know he is very behind other babies of his age, and should be 3-4 pounds heavier. But he doesn’t look ill or starving…but the health visitor wants him on baby rice…ick. I mean baby rice? What about the arsenic? and Lead and all the other reasons NOT to put a baby on baby rice. I’d rather have him on something healthier, not sure what yet. But I plan on making breastmilk ice cream – with coconut milk for him and thinking about some other types of baby cereal – if he must.

I’ll do a 3 month progress report soon. Maybe today while I remember but that depends if he wakes up or not from his nap. His 4 months is due in 2 days! Ooops!

Well it has taken me a record 4 days to write this one. Every time I start B wakes up, so I’m publishing before he does. One more pic.

This is B today, hanging out at the car window, watching the world. Seconds after this he took a head banging on the window. Ouch!! Poor little man. Not sure where he was thinking he was going.