Mmmm Baby Food

Any one else have enjoy eating baby food? 

We bought the Infantino Squeeze Station to make our own baby pouches.


Benedict loves eating pouches, he just sucks them dry in about 2 minutes flat.


but they are expensive and I prefer to make my own. Most days I prefer to make sure he has at least one spoon feed, to improve his motor skills. He is generally happy to feed himself by spoon, but it is messy as you can see.



Today, we made a most delicious Tropical “custard.”

3 Pears (the fat ones not the long ones)
5 Red Apples
2 Large Bananas

All cooked together and then zapped up with

1/3rd of a very ripe honeydew melon
1 big tbsp of coconut oil
2 tbsp of baby rice
1 pinch of cinammon

That makes about 6 pouches with some to spare. And it turns out looking and tasting like a tropical custard. Very very tasty. In fact so tasty that it was one spoon for Benedict and one spoon for me. And I had the big spoon – until Benedict looked indignant and stole it. Then I ate it from the baby spoon! 


I really love some of the baby foods. The other day I ate a lamb hotpot that Benedict didn’t want. Very yummy. My hubby thinks I am very strange, but I enjoy some of the foods, they are really really tasty. Especially today’s. Healthy, tasty and at least one of your 5 a day! I know, I’m crazy!

In other news. Cloth Nappies!

IMAG3454_zps5b837a97 (1)

IMAG3401_zps93e02401 IMAG3402_zps63593222


Made by my very talented mother!! More on that front another day.

And my first ever woven wrap arrived today from Poland. I’ve been using a rented Melkaj mei tai, which I liked but Benedict did not. I did buy a Rose and Rebellion but that wasn’t great, today I’m renting a connecta which I just love! But I also want to try wrapping!



And for good luck a couple of photos of my Benedict enjoying the jumperoo andhis new found skill of rolling everywhere to get into mischief.





Camping Fun!

Well, we are back from camping. I was terrified that Benedict would not be happy with the sudden change, and he would become very upset…and scream all day. But he seemed thrilled to be in a new place and especially happy to watch the world go by from his mat on the tent floor. He charmed every camper there, and he finally understood just how great rolling over is. He’d been able to roll both ways for weeks, but he never really did it very often. He didn’t seem to see the point, But in the tent, on his National Trust picnic blanket, he suddenly realised just how useful it is to roll around to get to everything – and he was off. Unfortunately this also meant he got into all sort of mischief and had to be watched closely, but he had a lot of fun and loved the great outdoors.



Ignore those plugs, he was watched constantly, and when he started getting into them, we moved him away.

Yes, he is wearing cloth – we cloth nappied the entire holiday 🙂 It wasn’t as hard as you’d think, we just used disposable liners. And we tie dyed that vest he is wearing. And I managed to keep gluten free and dairy free the entire time! Now that’s hard while camping!

He was of course moody in his usual times, morning naps, evening etc. And we took him on a river cruise on the River Wye. He was very happy until they started reading their tour information really loudly on speakers and poor Benedict got very upset (he gave me the big lip). Of course it was a 40 minute boat trip and we could not get off. Instead of enjoying the lovely scenery we spent our trip trying to keep Benedict calm.



But other than that he was fine and seemed to enjoy camping and sleeping in a tent. Even bathing outside (well under the awning)





Plus he turned 6 months old on Tuesday! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! In another 6 months, my little boy will be a year old!

Going camping

On Monday we are going camping to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and of course the third anniversary of Gideon’s due date. Last time we went camping was the first anniversary back in 2011. We were both very sad, our grief was very raw and we were barely coping. But we still had a great time.

Now, two years later we are doing this with a little 6 month old baby. It’s surreal. I don’t think I ever imagined I would be doing this camping with a baby one day.

No idea how hard this will be, a different kind of hard than the last camping trip. Will Benedict like camping? Will he sleep AT ALL? Will he just freak out and cry a lot. If he does, we will have to come back home.

We are off to Ross-on-Wye. We have no money of course, so it’s going to be very cheap, walks, picnics and one boat ride.

Here are some pics, dressed in a lovely old fashioned smocked top (because that’s pretty much the only thing I haven’t packed).



P1050370 P1050363