Christmas is coming

A fairly obvious statement I’m sure, but it surprises me that it’s been almost a year since Benedict was born. A year? Really? I can’t believe it. This time last year I was very pregnant and obsessed with baking things for everyone else, because I was diabetic and couldn’t eat anything. A lot has changed. Well I’m still obsessed with baking lots of yummy goodies but I’m eating them too and Benedict normally grabs a handful of whatever I’m eating. He doesn’t ask, he just takes. Today, at a Christmas fair, I was trying some olive oil and bread from a stall and he just grabbed it out my hand and ate it. He liked the olive oil.

We’ve been testing him on gluten more and more. it used to cause coughing, congestion, diarrhea and a hell of a lot of screaming. We are currently getting the hell of a lot of screaming and refusing to nap at all, but I’m trying to decide if that is gluten related, or just Benedict being his usual spirited self. He is worse than usual, but then his top two front teeth are about ready to pop (and have been for weeks) so it could be that. He doesn’t seem overly congested, but he is definitely sniffly, so I’m half and half about whether to continue the gluten or not. It’s so much easier when we are out and about.

Also, he’s a food addict and isn’t happy unless he’s got food in his mouth. Leave it longer than an hour between some sort of feed and he gets very cranky. He’s the hungriest, skinny babe out there! Hehe.

I mustn’t write for too long, as it’s bedtime and I’m tired. It’s funny how you try to fit everything into the couple of hours at night before bed, but end up procrastinating on facebook and blogs instead!

Have a picture of Benedict instead of my usual waffle.



General Update

Right now, Benedict is asleep and I’m taking a few moments. Of course a few moments frequently turn into midnight, when I finally wind down enough to sleep :D. But he’s teething and it’s been a rough day for him. All round really with crying/whining for 12 hours. So bad. He’s been up three times already too. Poor baby. And tired mummy. Especially as right now there is no sound on my baby monitor. I only bought it about 4-5 months ago, brand new. And it cost me a fortune (well a fortune for me) and then the sound died (nothing to do with my Benedict constantly grabbing and throwing it of course). So I have to watch him constantly, I have picture, but it’s hard to always  be staring at him and sometimes I miss him wake up and cry. It also means I can’t nap if I need to. Stupid monitor.

I could send it back of course, but that I have mummy brain and NO idea where on earth I even bought it from. Hours of internet searching, paypal scrolling, email delving and bank statement reading later and I still have no idea. None at all. So unless I’m willing to pay Motorola to fix something which is still in the warranty, then i’m pooed. Yep, Pooed.

On a much  more exciting note. I won a Nexus 7! I never win anything. I literally can’t think of anything I’ve won before this. So I was thrilled and amazed and astounded when the kitkat told me I’d won. It was enter kitkat code, look confused, whoop for joy. I love my nexus. It’s great. Maybe I’ll even manage more blog posts. Who knows? It’s certainly not the kind of thing I’d ever normally buy.

I also managed to finish knitting something. I started this when I was pregnant with Benedict. Took a hiatus until recently and finished it in a whirlwind for winter. It’s so warm, that when he wore it last, he actually got a little too hot, even though he was outside in the cold.


Favourite Wrap of the month is…my firespiral. Ok, I only actually own two wraps and an ergo, I sold my first ever wrap to pay for this wrap, my other wrap is a little bigger, and better for longer carries, but my firespiral… Oh i love it. It’s a starmap. And the fabric is so soft and snuggly warm. 1453483_10151676712817610_290809283_n

Benedict was actually snuggling it today in the car. Soft, yet it’s very supportive too, not diggy at all. It’s important as I don’t ever use the pram, I wear Benedict everywhere: dog walking, shopping, just cooking, etc, so it has to be really comfortable for me. Sometimes I prefer to wear him on my back, especially when dog walking if the ground is uneven. He’s so big I find it hard to see properly. But I’ve not quite mastered the back carry yet and we can end up a little bit uneven by the end.


I’ve been trying to get the house more organized because Benedict is into everything, and I don’t like him digging out all manner of random things from underneath furniture! I’ve also been thinking of what to do for him for Christmas and birthday. He doesn’t really like toys..not that much anyway. Sometimes he will stack his rings. Which he is very good at.


and he likes to put the rings on other things and put his plastic balls through the rings and put things in the stacking cups. But mainly he prefers to browse the room getting into mischief. So I’m thinking of less toy toys and more versatile toys.. So not too many electronic gadgety things, more stacking, building, rolling games and puzzles. Mind you, he plays with so few toys, I could just wrap up some toys he hasn’t used in ages and he wouldn’t know the difference. Haha! Not that I would.

I should go to bed, it is well past my bedtime again.

If there is spelling or grammar mistakes in this, or just poor writing, then I apologize. One tired mummy here! Off to bed for my 6am wake up. 😀

Nearly 10 months

Yes I missed day 1 and day 31 of capture your grief, I say with embarrassment. I have a very short term memory these days and it’s one thing remembering to write about capture your grief when Benedict’s asleep, it’s another to remember to take a photo of the sunset, while Benedict is feeling cranky. It’ll happen. I will take one the next time I actually remember to do it! Tomorrow, I’ll remember tomorrow. I’m sure of it.

Warning: lots of pics to follow! 

I’ve been in a flare again, or ill. Or ill with a flare, I’m not sure honestly. But it’s been one long illness the last..4ish months. I think I had a brief 2 weeks in there where I wasn’t too bad and had energy. that was before the sunshine and the long walks in the sunshine and the resulting photo-sensitivity flares. And then there was the near death experience at the dentist incident…she injected me with two doses of anaesthetic (as I have poor response to pain relief) and I started having heart attack symptoms – agonizing, crushing, stabbing chest and upper back pain, my left arm went numb, I went grey and nearly passed out. The dentist tried to convince me it was “anxiety” LOL! 1) I’ve had anxiety attacks, yes your hands go tingly, but not just your left arm, and not NUMB and no agonizing crushing pain either and 2) sweetie, I’ve suffered the loss of my baby boy, I can handle the dentist, last time I had really bad dental pain like that my dad had just died, I had to go have a tooth out the day after my dad died. That was a bad time. I still didn’t have an anxiety attack.

Anyway, it NOT anxiety, either a severe reaction to the epinephrine in the anaesthetic, or (more likely) she actually injected the epinephrine into a blood vessel by accident, thereby injecting epinephrine directly into my blood stream. Ouch. Apparently it does happen, but she is supposed to be very experienced and she is VERY expensive…she refused to believe it was anything other than anxiety and that’s worrying. Luckily it wears off fast, but holy heart attack! I thought I was going to die for about 5 minutes!

That’s about it on me. Benedict is nearly 10 months old and standing unsupported, I can see him getting ready to walk – it’s in his eyes! He stands there watching us and thinking.


He loves walking with his lion walker, pushing it along smiling and looking proud of himself. He also loves to sit on it and be pushed around. It’s amazing watching the development happen.

2013 - 12

We had a nice halloween, I felt Benedict was too young for trick or treating, we don’t make a big deal of halloween  here anyway, but the other children on the street go house to house so we will probably do it with Benedict next year. He proudly wore his “I see big people” t-shirt and played with the pumpkin.



I specifically carved a non-scary pumpkin too IMG-20131031-WA0007_zps18f882da


Our little man can be very mischievous and there is nothing he wont get into! This is him climbing the vacuum cleaner. I suppose he might have wanted to do some cleaning, but I think it’s more likely he wanted to get into mischief with the tv!



Anyway, I should probably head to bed now. Just one more pic. This was Benedict’s 8 month photo shoot. Yes. He poses all by himself!portrait2