Happy Christmas (a day late)

Sorry I haven’t been on sooner, my computer crashed, and I haven’t been able to fix it. Although I can now turn it on, and get it started I can’t actually do anything due to the insaneness of it. I’m currently toying with the only option of re-installing windows and deleting all my files. As I’m struggling to save my files onto my external harddrive, I can’t be sure what will be lost. I’m currently using my husband’s laptop, which I don’t like, I don’t enjoy change ;p

It was a lovely day yesterday. Benedict had a wonderful time opening presents, playing and generally making a mess. He’s been terribly restless and cranky recently and I’m up with him 8-10 times a night. I’m patiently watching three more teeth push their way through. Apparently mother nature thinks it’s funny to send all these teeth at once. At first, about 8 weeks ago his top two started coming through, and boy was he bad, he was seriously cranky for weeks, when one finally erupted, the two either side of the front ones started coming through and it’s been crazy since then. I am utterly exhausted, and I could go to bed right now, especially as he keeps getting up and throwing his pacifier bunny on the floor. It makes it easier if I’m in the same room (which we currently are). Yesterday he threw the damn thing down the end of his cot and I couldn’t find it. It was insane.

But aside from cranky teething and no sleep, it has truly been wonderful. watching Benedict yesterday was amazing, this time two years ago I could never have even imagined Christmas like this. It’s been such a hard road here, and when I look at little Benedict, full of awe, excitement and wonder, I just smile.

And of course it makes me think of everything I missed with my Gideon. My little angel who was with us as always, and was thought about constantly.

I took a lot of pictures of course. This isn’t my laptop and I don’t like trying to edit them on here, but I might upload a couple, oh OK, I’ll upload LOTS. So warning. PIC HEAVY!

On Christmas Eve we let him open a gift (since he’d been trying to snaffle them for days). It was his favourite clip lock box which normally has wipes in it, but he has shown a great love for that box, he loves to open it and put things in it, so we gave it to him and filled it with his favourite food pouches and a fruit bar. This is the moment when he found one of the bars and lifted it out. he was so very happy.

P1070141He loves his food this baby does,. Truly. Of course he did not get the whole bar, but he enjoyed it so much. He was almost squealing with excitement as his daddy opened it

P1070153Benedict’s face when I told him he couldn’t eat it all

P1070165He soon discovers his favourite pouch. he doesn’t get them often, mostly he just eats what we eat, but when he does get them, he loves them.



I know it looks like he is pain in this pic, but this is strangely his happy face, he scrunches up his face and makes mmmmmm sounds at me



Benedict did visit father Christmas, but he didn’t enjoy the experience and my big fearless boy freaked out and wouldn’t go near him or Mrs Claus for even a second, so no photo was taken. But Santa still came and this was what we found Christmas morning.



He soon got into those presents

P1070281bwe let him take his time, and stopped several times to explore the toys, read a new book or just generally shake the presents and do scrunchy face. To be fair this present he is shaking in the picture was a rattly egg.

P1070299bperhaps a brief pause to admire a floating duck



later we opened more presents, he enjoyed a few, some made him cry. he loved his animal sound book…apart from the cow. The cow made him cry, the rest were fun

P1070389where’s spot was a great hit and has been read repeatedly (he does love love love books)

P1070414bthe ball drop game was a big hit. he immediately figured out how to drop the balls in the top and watch them roll to the bottom. he loved it. And seemed honestly thrilled by it.

P1070431bbut if there was one favourite, I would say it was the big play tent. The big play tent with a little tunnel…filled with plastic balls. He was so excited that he was actually hysterical with excitement. he crawled around in the that thing for hours, he pushed all the balls out and chased them around…and for perhaps the first time EVER he tired himself out. he was actually tired out, he had no more energy left to play and came and rested. Which of course he never ever does. So BIG hit. It was very hard to get any pictures as he was moving so fast. P1070479b P1070496b


P1070511bdid I ever mention that this boy LOVES balls. The first thing he does every morning when he comes downstairs is go straight to his basket of balls and he turns the basket upside down to watch the balls roll away. This ball tunnel was like a dream for him lol.



All in all a great christmas. And he has been walking more and more too, so it wont be long before he’ll be needing his first proper shoes. Also he broke his brick stacking record, and stacked FOUR brick today. He tried for five but it fell. A whole four :). Now to prepare for his first birthday!