Benedict is 2 in January, if you can believe it! He’s chatting up a storm and we’ve had so many new words recently, it’s astounding. He is also really into writing, he will tell me he’s going to write dada or mama, or nana etc and then make a little mark on the paper to represent the first letter. He can recognize most of the alphabet now, and has little foam letters which he uses with one of his animal books to match the letters with the animal.

If we are out and about he will stop and point out letters – such as the h in the sign for cash machine and sign horse at me, because he knows horse starts with h (but can’t quite say it yet).

It all began with an alphabet puzzle. I casually told him the letter names and a corresponding word and he just loved it. Then he invented the animal book game and he asks for it all time. This is why I’m actually considering home education for Benedict. It’s something I’ve been thinking about since I was pregnant with Gideon. I’ve gone back and forth over it, and done a lot of reading about home education and I think I’d like to try it. Seeing him learn is so exciting, he picks up things so fast and I love the idea of being his teacher and helping to develop that love of learning and interest in the world around him.

I’m initally just trying it until he’s 7 or so, and see how we feel about it then, since most studies shows no benefit from starting school at 4/5 like we do in the UK. There is a local home education group, actually a couple, so the whole ‘socialization’ issue is not something I need to worry about. Anway, I hope to write a whole post about my reasons for considering home education. I’m sure I’ll get it written before he turns 18!


Anyway, we went on holiday a couple of weeks ago. Just a cheap caravan holiday, but I’m apparently not used to holiday parks and wasn’t best impressed, but Benedict had a wonderful time, there was trains, buses, a sea life centre and a LOT of muddy puddles to jump in. My husband did manage to lose his brand new Bobux boots. They were so lovely. He is so forgetful – he left them on top of the car – again. He left his wallet there not long ago. Makes me mad.

We’ve also been ill with some virus or another, pretty much constantly for the last 6-8 weeks. And just started with another virus. Yuck. I hate being ill.


Here are a couple of pictures of Benedict on holiday. IMG_20141009_142647




I will blog SOON. Honestly.



Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

I know it’s been so very long since I’ve blogged. I’ve got plenty of half written blog posts and not managed to finish them or publish them. Sigh, busy busy life. Anyway, today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness today, I lit a candle for my Gideon, and for all the babies gone too soon.


I can’t believe it’s been three waves of light. Three years since my baby boy left this earth. I know I need to blog more, so I am really going to try. I’ll write a different post for updates on us, this post is about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day.