Happy Angel Day Gideon

4 years ago today, was the hardest day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my wonderful baby boy. We had only met 17 days before, but I felt as if I’d known him forever, and forever we will remember him. I know I think of him every single day of my life, some busy days go by and I realise I haven’t thought of him, but he will be the last thought as I close my eyes at night. My angel. As I look over at Benedict sleeping, I think of Gideon, so far away, and I remember all the time we spent together. I am proud to be his Mama.

Today, we went to the Seaquarium – I went by wheelchair as I’m 21 weeks and it’s a scary time, plus my SPD is very severe. Benedict loved the Sea Lions but was a bit uncertain about jellyfish and sharks (because he knows that they can hurt from Octonauts). Then we decided on the spur of the moment to take him on some rides on the little fun fair along the promenade. He went on a helter skelter and a little rollercoaster with his daddy, and then we had chips at a little cafe. He thought it was all brilliant, but he still said he loved the Sea Lions best.

Overall, it was an enjoyable but quite a hard day, I felt close to tears sometimes, but we had a lovely time and we released a balloon at the beach . When we got home I made gluten and dairy free ice cream brownie cake, Benedict sang happy birthday, I did suggest angel day, but he knows birthday, so we sang that.

There are some pictures but my phone isn’t allowing me to access them, so I’ll add them another time.


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