This is 4am

Well this is a long overdue post. I am writing this while sitting in bed breastfeeding my little girl. Juliette was born on Monday 24th at 1:04am, weighing 8lb 3oz and measuring 20.9 inches. My biggest baby by far, it has been a whole different experience having her.

Labour was induced at 40 weeks as there was no sign of anything happening. But they inserted the pessary and in an hour I was getting contractions every 2 minutes for 45 to 55 seconds. I laboured like this for 10 hours, sometimes they petered out, sometimes they came quick and fast. By 10 That night I was already exhausted but I felt the contractions were strong enough for active labour. I was struggling through them. I persuaded someone to check but I was only 3cm with waters bulging.

No one felt the need to rush but as I was group b strep positive and with awful veins they moved me to a delivery suite. They took at least 7 attempts to get the vein and by that point the contractions felt unbearably strong And were coming in top of each other. By the time my husband arrived I was struggling. The midwife was suspicious of my very strong contraction, coming every 1m20seconds and lasting a minute each, as I was only supposed to be 3cm and they had removed the pessary. She kept asking if I had pressure.

I had been there an hour and knew I’d need some pain relief. 12 hours of contractions had wiped me out already and I figured I was 3 or 4cm. So one shot of diamorphine later I was shocked to be told I was 7cm. The meds helped And I was able to even able to nap between the contractions. Suddenly less than an hour later the pain was unbearable. The midwife was confused but I felt something coming, my waters broke and that was swiftly followed by me shouting “she’s coming” as less than 3 minutes later she was born. The midwife barely had time to get her gloves on.

Because of the speed of the birth and the position I was in, I tore horribly. It took a lot of stitching to repair it all. I was still high from the drugs and I’m guessing Juliette was too. She screamed for nearly 24 hours non stop And had some bruising from the birth. I couldn’t stand up alone until well into the next afternoon and vomited when i tried plus I’d needed an injection to help stop the bleeding. Its was all too fast for the antibiotics to work for gbs so we had to stay in for monitoring.

All in all, not the birth I had hoped for. But she’s here and safe and that’s what really matters. She’s amazing. She has an amazing spirit and at 3 days old, holds her head up to look around. We are struggling with nursing a bit but that’s ok. We are working on it. She is gaining weight but isn’t overly happy and has many of the same issues as Benedict did. We are trying to figure out if there is anything at all in diet that could possibly be causing issues, otherwise we might need to try hypoallergenic formula.


I am doing ok. I’m tired, in the last trimester I had severe itchiness from my undifferentiated connective tissue disease and it hasn’t gone away. My legs and arms are a mess.

I’m also still waiting on an urgent scan of my thyroid after a large swelling appeared on one side. Urgent means nothing on the nhs really.

Right now we are bed sharing. I’m too exhausted not to. But I don’t like it, it makes me nervous and asap she will be sleeping in her moses basket.

That is about it for now really