New Year’s Reflection

Yes, I’ll do it. I’ll reflect on my utter lack of blogging last year. Sorry, I find it hard to get the right time to finish a blog post. I can start a hundred, but never finish them, so here we go. Questions

1) What was the best thing that happened this past year?
Juliette came into our lives. I love her immensely, she fits perfectly I into our lives as if she had always been there.

2. What was the biggest challenge?
Severe SPD and a long and painful labour, but also coming to terms with the fact that I have another “colicky” baby. I love her, and I love Benedict, but the intensity of the screaming definitely causes stress and it’s hard to accept that I’ll never have a chilled baby as Juliette has to my last.

3. What else brought you joy this year?
Finishing my degree. I’ve been working on it for ages, I knew I was coming to the end but I worried I would struggle to finish with having a new baby too. But I completed and I now have my Open University Degree

4. What was an unexpected difficulty?
My weight, I thought I could get back on track after Juliette was born, but it’s not worked that way. I do NOT lose weight with breastfeeding and the colic stress makes me eat too. I have also struggled with depression.

5. Describe 2015 in three words
Joyous, Challenging, Discovering

6. In 3 words, how would your spouse describe your 2016
Painful, joyous, loud

7. How would your spouse  describe their 2015
Difficult, Fun, Exciting

8. What were the best books you read this year?
The Magic of Tidying Konmari

10. How did you grow emotionally?
Learning to accept what I cannot change

11. How did you grow physically?
Outwards, by far too much

12. How did your relationship with your other half change?
It’s definitely been a challenge for our relationship, as having a child always is, but I hope to work on our relationship and work on being present with each other.

13. What did you enjoy most in home making?
Clothing, I enjoyed sorting out clothing that gave me joy

14. What did you find hardest in home making?
Organisation, too much stuff and not enough space

15. What did you waste most time on this year?
Facebook and baby wraps. SO much time wasted on looking at both

16: What was your unnecessary extravagances this year?
Buying baby wraps, too many, many more than I need.

18. What was a good use of time this year?
Playing with Ben and finishing my degree

19. What have you learned past year?
That you can’t change people. They are who they are.

20. Sum up 2015 in one sentence.
Always persevering, when times are difficult. But lacking in self control when it comes to spends and eating. A lot.

21: Sum up your goals for 2016 in one sentence
Mindfulness, taking the time to live in the present and act with mindfulness in my finances, eating habits,  parenting, home management and relationships