Happy 6th Birthday Gideon

In Time

Time moves ever onwards
And you are not here, in body,
Your voice does not fill the cacaphony of my day,
No glimpse of your twirling, laughter,
The chaotic thrum of life ,
And I search for you,
My angel. My heaven boy,
I search for you, in time, in moments,
A sweet pause in silence ,
I search for the warmth in my soul that is you,
The moments we shared, your strength, my joy,
I look for you in the hum of my heart,
I seek you in the eyes of the living,
Time moves ever onwards,
The march of my soul to the beat of your heart,
And I search for you.

Happy 6th Birthday Gideon

I celebrate you like I always do and always will, with you strength in my bones and your love in my heart. I will bake you cakes, and there will be balloons and laughter. And the birthday boy may not be here to blow out his candles, or to smear chocolate across his cheeks, or to laugh and giggle at the balloons. But you are never far from our thoughts.

Juliette kissed your picture today, she kissed you and stroked your face and pointed to your nose and to hers. I’m not sure what she was saying, maybe that your nose looks like hers. Benedict looked up to the sky and sang you happy birthday.

And we remembered.

And when I’m old and grey and have more wrinkles than sanity, I will bake you a cake, and buy balloons and sing you happy birthday. And I will remember. Until the day we meet again.

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