Note this post was written TWO days ago, but not posted due to crying baby situations. Yesterday in the post refers to 05/04 LOL I am very behind on posts and pictures!

My little whinging ninja was SO fussy yesterday that I completely forgot to take a sunset photo (duh), but my dear friend Mandy took one in Alabama, and it’s gorgeous.

Here is sunrise from yesterday. My husband tells me it was too overcast to get a good shot 😦



and here is the sunset picture from Alabama



How beautiful is that?

And for today’s poem


And had I known with certainty today,
Had I seen, had I been sure
What I know now; all I have known
If I could skip ahead to where I am,
Forgo all those days of hurt,
All the tears I shed,
I’d still live it all,
I’d still do it with joy
All to have known you,
Beacon of my dreams.


More Sunset/Sunrise Photos

Sorry I missed yesterday. I had a dentist appointment, which meant a long drive as NHS dentists are hard to come by, (don’t get me started on that one) so I have to go far. And we arrived home, literally just in time to get B to bed. LONG day. Anyway, B is asleep next to me on the sofa. Every once in a while he stirs and I pat him on the bum. That seems to work.

Anyway here is B this morning

Smile B smile

Here is the sunset and sunrise from 3rd April

sunrise0304 c sunrise03042 c

sunset0304c sunset03041c


I took some wonderful sunset photos yesterday as we were driving home (with B fussing around in his car seat).

This is sunrise. Not a great shot as my husband took it in the morning from the grubby bedroom window (lol)


and these are the sunset ones taken from the car

sunset04042 c sunset04044 c

And this inspired my poem for the day:

Trails of fire fingertip across the day,
Both bright and quenching of light,
Touching the fluffy clouds of dreams,
With the softly glow of alpha and omega.
And I am drawn to you,
End of days, light of evensong
I am drawn to you and know you
Light of night; fires of the day.
My daily prayer.