Poems for Gideon

I’ve been writing poems for Gideon almost constantly since he died. I find it therapeutic, like special messages to him, wherever he is. Sometimes I write them to him, sometimes about him, sometimes for him. This one was for his 6 months.

A Little Garden

angel girl in garden

A Garden of Angels

There is a little garden,
Where angel children play,
They dance among the flowers,
And sleep among the hay,
They sing in sweetest voice,
And laugh with open joy,
The smile and they rejoice,
Every angel girl and boy,
And sometimes late at night,
When an angel mommy cries,
The angels shine their light,
Through the stars in the skies,
To show that heaven’s real,
That they’re happy and they sing,
And to show you that the love you feel,
Is what makes their angel wings.

by V. Gregory

And then it occurred to me, that I would love to write poems for other baby loss mothers, personalized and individual. Of course I have no idea how I’d even go about doing this, and I would struggle to do it for free and feel terrible charging. But it’s such a lovely idea.

(picture is not mine, it is borrowed from “the web” hope no one minds.)

Farewell for Now 

I could say goodbye in a million ways,
Balloons and candles and a prayer a day,
I could weep the tears of a thousands seas,
And give to you a thousand trees,
I could name a star, name a rose,
I could wear the imprint of your toes,
I could have your name written in sand,
I could kiss the picture of your hand,
But i’ll never ever find a way,
To feel all right that your gone today,
I’ll never find the right goodbye
The day when I don’t stop and cry,
because it’s not goodbye. And That I know
It’s “see you later, son” “farewell for now,”

You are here 

The gentle hush of the night,
The warm dark and hopeful moon,
The twinkle from a million stars,
You are there.

The shaft of sunlight,
Breaking through the window,
Dancing dust glittering in the air,
You are there.

The cool breeze, soft and lilting,
Lightening the mood on a hot day,
Playing softly with my hair,
You are there.

Plump splashes of raindrops falling,
Life to flowers, life to trees,
Puddles forming on the ground,
You are there.

A rainbow lighting up the sky,
Sun and rain life-long friends,
Shimmering colours every moment,
You are there.

You are there, you are there,
Oh little boy of mine, you are there,
You’re in every moment, every thought,
Little one,
You are there.

I see you always, see your face,
Every dawn, every day,
Ever time I breathe or speak,
You are there.

Angels Calling

I thought I heard an angel,
Calling out my name,
But then I heard my mummy,
And came back down again,
Then I saw her crying,
For she knew I had to go,
But I stayed a little longer,
To let my parents know,
Just how much I loved them,
And just how great they were,
To know I was angel,
And not meant to be on earth,
Then daddy saw my wings,
And he knew that it was time,
To let me join the angels,
With the wings that were mine,
And so I went away,
But am never really gone,
I am with you always,
I am your angel son.


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